Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome to the Fight Mail Tribune Newspaper

Sometimes this quest to get Charter to carry the Pac 12 Networks has been a lonely campaign. Last Summer I could see that Charter might not pick up the Pac 12 Networks, just as they didn't pick up Comcast Sports/Northwest, for four long years, when they were the sole provider of the Oregon (Duck) Sports Network.I therefore started this blog and it was gratifying to see there were lots of Duck fans flocking to Charter's Facebook page to register their complaints at missing the Oregon Duck football games broadcast on the Pac 12 Networks. Now the Medford Mail Tribune Newspaper has joined the fight with a front sports page article above the fold titled "If you want Pac-12 TV, let someone know" by Tim Trower the Mail Tribune's Sports Editor. Now the guy is an Oregon State Beaver, but on this issue, as he writes in the article "It's a cause that both Ducks and Beavers can get behind." Here is a link to today's story: The article even gives some props to this blog when he writes:
There's also a blog ( started by Medford attorney and avid Duck fan Jim Wickre devoted solely to getting Charter to pick up Pac-12 Networks. It offers how-to advice for those wishing to cancel with Charter and has interesting industry reading.
I also loved this comment about the folks at Charter who run their Facebook page:
Complaints on Charter's Facebook page get responses from company representatives. They say they understand your frustration and are working to get a deal done. But they don't seem sincere. They are copy-and-paste form answers, one of which contained a typo that was recycled over and over. The Charter people suggest all complaints will be logged and, presumably, viewed by someone important.
He sure got that right! Welcome to the FIGHT Mail Tribune, "This time I *know* our side will win."

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