Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update on Charter "tests" of Pac 12 Networks

In the last 24 hours this was posted on a Oregon fan forum:
Just talked to a technition here in Medford and he told me that they will locally switch ESPNU to the Oregon game. Hopefully it's true. He also said they have been testing signal strength for the network its self.
Well, it didn't happen today but this is the second report of a "test" by Charter in the last week. On Wednesday I reported the following:
Is Charter testing the Pac 12 Networks on their cable system ? I have it from a very good source here in Oregon that the Pac 12 Networks was up and running on the Charter cable system in his residence located in an Oregon town. (Not Medford) My source reports that it was a "test". This may be good news. Before, the Dish started carrying the Pac 12 Networks and before there was a public announcement there were reports of satellite activity. Was this just a "local" controller freelancing (if that is possible) or was it something more? Developing ?
In anyone as any additional information let me know in the comments section below>

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