Friday, September 28, 2012

The long twilight war with Charter

It looks like Charter and the Pac 12 Networks have settled into a long twilight war over a carriage agreement.  It seems to me Charter believes it can wait as long as DirecTV doesn't have a deal. I don't expect anything  will be happening for some time.  DirectTV and Charter will try to "bribe" folks who want to end their service with "free" perks such as  HBO or NFL Ticket etc. It took at least a year for the Big 10 Networks to get some carriage deals so it may be the same with the Pac 12.  I personally believe the Pac 12 Networks should hold the line on the requirement the Pac 12 Networks be put on a lower tiers in the Pac 12 Footprint states.

For me, I will be getting the Dish as soon as my Charter Bundle contract ends and they try and raise prices on me. No, I will not be "bribed" with freebies.

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