Friday, September 14, 2012

DirecTV's Side of the story !

We have been in discussions for several months with Pac-12 Network and hope they will continue to work toward an agreement.
If Pac-12 Network would allow us to make their channel available only to those customers who want to pay for it, the network would already be available on DIRECTV. But, as it stands now, the price is much too high to accept their demand that we make it available to all customers, some of whom will have to take on this unnecessary cost for a channel they don’t want.
We will continue to work with Pac-12 Network to resolve this for the benefit of both fans and non-fans alike. Until then, the majority of Pac-12 football games featuring the most popular teams with national title implications remain available to all DIRECTV customers through the ESPN family of networks and ABC Sports, FOX Sports and FSN, FX, CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network and several other regional services.

Me...... it's my understanding that the Pac 12 Networks will allow it to be on a paid upper tier outside the Pac 12 Footprint but wants it on a lower tier in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Utah and Colorado where interest is highest for the "home town" team! That doesn't seem too unreasonable.

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