Saturday, September 1, 2012

The major sports distribution battles and how it affects you

Pac 12 Fans waiting on Charter!
The link below gives a very good overview of the battles between sports channels and the cable / satellite distributors.

The article points out that the Pac 12 has been attacking DicectTV for walking away from the negotiation  table with the Pac 12 Networks and thus the letter from the Pac 12 to their fans (see post below for full letter) and I might add the humerus  video posted below by the Cal AD having  DirecTV taken out of her home.

If Dish, AT&T, and Charter back away from the table as well, they will probably get similar treatment too. Essentially the Pac 12 is saying if you don't pull the trigger we're not afraid to go after you despite how wonderful and successful we portray ourselves to the media.

Best guess at what the deal is: Pac 12 Networks has the leverage and they know it. They're anxious to get deals done but the dominoes will fall and likely in the next 30 or so days. This isn't Texas with 3 terrible football games and some basketball mixed in, but a large conference with a lot of quality games spanning football and basketball.
All of the companies are basically like people in a pool seeing who can hold their breath the longest. It's doubtful anyone will drown and everyone is going to get air at some point.
When the games start getting more meaningful or if Dish/ATT cave first, DTV will follow suit. All three of those companies have been at the negotiating table and don't want to piss of the large swath of fans who REALLY want this channel. They are just playing it out, because they might be able to squeeze the Pac 12 a little bit and nobody is knocking the door down for the channel yet with not that many top tier games in the first couple of weeks. That changes when USC plays Cal.

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