Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dish here I come

As a customer of Charter Communications I have missed watching numerous Pac 12  football & basketball games in my own home because Charter does not carry the Pac 12 Networks.  I have "the bundle" with Charter that includes TV , phone and Internet.  My two year contract with Charter is coming to an end this spring and I had a nice chat online with a Charter representative who told me at the end of my contract my bill will go up $80.00.  However, she offered my a "deal" that if  at the end of my contract I kept my phone and Internet my bill would drop significantly and this would give me the option of getting the Dish Network (with the Pac 12 Networks) for TV  and keeping Charter for phone and Internet  for about the price of my original Charter Bundle. I have no problem with Charter's phone service and their Internet is very good so I get the best of both Charter and the Dish Network.

Dish here I come!