Monday, September 10, 2012

The Move to Dish

I will be giving Charter a little more time to sign up to carry the Pac 12 Networks but have already been plotting my exit strategy to the Dish if they don't see the light!
I have a 24 month Charter bundle  agreement with Charter but the agreement is 3/4 completed  and so the buyout of $150.00 is reduced by 3/4 or thus a buyout of $37.50.

I will be keeping the Charter Internet, which I like,  but may drop the land line phone and just rely on our cell phones for a big savings!

I will cut back on the Charter's cable TV, from" Digital Home",  to "Expanded Basic" for our old analog TV's and get the Dish for our high definition TV's so we can get the Pac 12 Networks. Even without dropping out land line phones the price under the above plan is competitive with the Charter bundle after the 2 years are up and Charter's standard prices go into effect.  Without the Pac 12 Networks the Charter bundle was a good price for the guaranteed two years.  However, when the two years  are up Charter really raises their prices.  Without a land line I will actually save money after the bundle deal has expired.

One of the main reasons we have kept our land line is for multi  telephone conversations when our adult children call home so my wife and I can both talk and listen . However, last night I figured out how we could do that on our cell phones,  Who said you couldn't teach an "old dog" new tricks.

One way or another I will be getting the Pac 12 Networks, that is non negotiable!

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