Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wish I would get an email like this from Charter!

Another Pac 12 fan got this email from Frontier Communications:
I just got an email response from Frontier:

"As you had indicated interested in Pac-12 Networks on FiOS TV from Frontier, I wanted to provide you with an update before our official announcement is made. It is my pleasure to inform you that Frontier will be providing Pac-12 Networks to FiOS TV from Frontier customers in the Pacific Northwest starting on August 15, 2012, when the new networks launch. FiOS TV from Frontier will carry hundreds of live events and other specialty content for fans of Washington and Oregon Pac-12 Conference teams.

Look for more information to become available over the coming weeks."
Jack Yovanovich | Director, West Region Marketing

Here are the channels:
PAC12 National SD Channel # 78
PAC12 National HD Channel # 578
PAC12 Oregon SD Channel # 79
PAC12 Oregon HD Channel # 579
PAC12 Washington SD Channel # 80
PAC12 Washington HD Channel # 580
What a lucky fan!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Frontier will carry Pac 12 Network!

Frontier Communications announced on Saturday on their facebook page:

 We've officially signed the deal to carry the Pac12 regional network!


Good News on Charter ?????

Jim Jones a poster on Jon Wilner's blog from the San Jose Mercury News posts the following in post # 37

understand Frontier is signing on today. How many fans that helps I am not sure but Charter should come on in a few days

In reading his other posts he seems to know what he is talking (posting) about.

Pac 12 & Comcast

The posters over on educk are reporting that when they got their monthly bills from Comcast it had the station numbers assigned for the new Pac 12 networks.  Lucky people! No such luck for Charter Customers. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Problems with Charter Communications in Massachusetts!

A news report about the head of a city council of a town in Massachusetts who is unhappy about Charter cable service  and interesting comments posted by other Charter customers. Link here:

Love the comment posted by one person who ended his post with:
  I hear that there might be alternatives to cable TV, but I'm not sure if they are available. OK, gotta go finish the dishes....Wink

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pac 12 Networks Facebook Contest

The Pac 12 Networks have launched a facebook page where you can request your cable/satellite TV provider carry the Pac 12 Networks and if you do you are entered into a contest to win a trip to the 2012 Pac 12 Football Championship game. Charter customers what more incentive do you need.  Link below:
Pac-12 Networks are launching August 15th. Find out if they're in you're area and you could win a trip to the 2012 Pac-12 Football Championship Game, November 30. Charter Communications doesn't carry Pac-12 Network but that doesn’t mean they won't! Let’s show them the POWER OF THE PAC!https://www.facebook.com/Pac12Conference/app_483373165025004

Pattern for Direct TV ?

Do you see a pattern here:

Today by David Hatfied of Inside Tucson Business:
(On a lark, I asked a DirecTV sales rep about the channel. She put me on hold, came back and apologized for the delay and said it would be available but it would be part of the sports tier, which by itself costs $20 a month. Nobody else at DirecTV would confirm that.)

Last Friday I reported  on this blog that "Realtime Duck" over at the forum "Open Season" on educk wrote:
I just got off the phone with them. They will carry it, but it will cost you. It will be included in the ESPN game plan. Early Bird price is $120 for that plan.

The Regional Sports PACK will include "overflow" games from the network, though, as anybody who has had fox, comcast, or any of the other like networks on the regional packages knows, you game can get pre-empted(?) or replaced at anytime. Regional is $12 mo on Direct and will include the extra NBC channels for the upcoming Olympics.
Have they already decided and have they  told their sales staff or is the sales staff "free lancing." and telling the customer what they want to hear?

Still no word on Charter Communications!

Living in Medford, Oregon  if Charter Communications doesn't carry the Pac 12 Networks and Direct TV does it will be a no brainer! I and many other Charter customers will jump ship as soon as we can get out of our contracts with minimal damages. The word will go out to Ducks, Beavers and other Pac 12 fans in Southern Oregon  on how to switch and get the best deal and we won't even ask Direct TV for a commission. Consumer choice is what it is all about. Isn't the free enterprise system great!

Win the Day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Updates on carriage negotiations,

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has an update that can be found here:

He is optimistic on Direct TV but pessimistic on Dish based upon his discussions with Pac 12 officials. Better said, they are optimistic on Direct TV but pessimistic on Dish. No mention of Charter Communications.

To quote from his post there will be several "service levels" depending on where you live from the cable/satellite providers

*** Service levels
There has been some confusion about the level of service in various geographic areas. Think of the situation in terms of zones:
Zone 1 (home markets) will have the Pac12Net on a basic tier.
Zone 2 (within the league’s footprint) will have the Pac12Net on a digital tier, which can be more expensive than basic.
Zone 3 (outside the footprint) will have the Pac12Net on a sports tier.
Portland and Denver count as Zone 1, but San Diego and Sacramento are Zone 2 … Las Vegas is Zone 3.

My Question that is unanswered is where will Medford and the rest of Southern Oregon fall? Zone 1 or 2?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Charter Communications Reports 94 Million Dollar Loss in First Quarter of 2012

According to the "Wall St Cheat Sheet" Charter Communications lost 94 million dollars in the first quarter of 2012.

Charter CEO Tom Rutledge
It states:
Loss narrowed to $94 million (loss of 95 cents per diluted share) from $110 million (loss of 97 cents per share) in the same quarter a year earlier

It quotes said Tom Rutledge, President and Chief Executive Officer. of Charter as follows:

 "We are effectively executing on our strategic priorities of delivering a great customer experience, capitalizing on our market-leading Internet product, improving our video and voice products, and growing our commercial business. We are accelerating certain initiatives, including driving digital penetration through additional HD channel launches, a more simplified packaging and pricing structure, and an enhanced product offering, all of which provide more value to our customers. We will move quickly to capitalize on these opportunities and leverage our powerful network to grow our business.”
I like the line "driving digital penetration through additional HD channel launches"

The article states Charter has  "missed analyst estimates for four quarters in a row"

To read the rest click on the following link:

I wonder if any Pac 12 fans or Pac 12 school endowments invest in Charter Communications?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Larry Scott at Pac 12 Media Day

From Mercury New and Jon Wilner:
Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Tuesday that he is optimistic that the conference’s fledgling television networks will sign a carriage agreement with DirecTV prior to the football season.
DirecTV has approximately 18 million subscribers nationally.
Scott said the source of his optimism is the “caliber of our content’’ – the dozens of football games on the Pac-12 Networks this season, including a bevy of matchups featuring top-ranked teams likeUSCand Oregon.
“Content is king,’’ Scott said.
The seven Pac-12 Networks (one national and six regional) are scheduled to launch Aug. 15. Scott offered no timeframe for an agreement with DirecTV or any other satellite or cable company.
“There’s a lot of anxiety among fans, and I understand,’’ he said. “It matters a lot. The sooner fans know the better. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.”

From Wild West Football Board

Good list of TV providers,  in order of number of subscribers, and who has a deal with the Pac 12 Networks.


Update from Pac 12 Media Day

David Plati, Associate AD/Sports Information for Colorado reports:
Pac-12 officials speak with representatives from the satellite companies almost daily, and are confident that come August 15, when the seven networks (one national, six regional) debut, they will have deals in place.
There will also be   35 football games on the Pac 12 Networks and they are taking over all the coaches shows and will be

combining into one hour-long blockbuster program that will air at 8 p.m. MT every Tuesday; when airing on the P12N regional outlet (Mountain for Colorado and Utah viewers), several more minutes of the show will feature the two schools covered by that outlet

The Pac-12 Network will debut with an overall hour preview show at 7 p.m. MDT August 15, followed by a football preview special at 8 p.m.  Live streaming will debut on Sept. 10 (Beta) and Oct. 24 (1.0).
The Pac 12 Network will also broadcast all spring games next year.


Pac 12 Media Day

Hard to get too excited about Pac 12 Media Day when Charter Communications customers don't know if they will get  Pac 12 football games covered by the Pac 12 Networks!

Monday, July 23, 2012

DirecTV & Dish face next impasse: the Pac-12 network

Daniel Frankel of Paid Content, The Economics of Digital Content is pessimistic that the two satellite TV providers will come to a deal with the Pac 12 Networks. He writes tonight:

But carriers like DirecTV and Dish are more intent than ever these days about holding the line on ever-increasing program licensing costs, and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to make deal.
I hope he is wrong. Charter Communication customers need an alternative if Charter refuses to come to a deal.

 Here is a link to read the rest:


Stevenson is Confident NCTC Members Will Soon Sign Pac-12 Networks Deals

Mike Reynolds -- Multichannel News reported yesterday that there will be additional carriage agreements before August 15:

Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson is confident that a number of NCTC members will join charter affiliates Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox and Bright House Networks in launching the channels. Those four large MSOs have committed to placing Pac-12 Enterprises in some 40 million homes, coming out of the gate........

Stevenson would not discuss rate cards, but sources indicate that Pac-12 Networks is seeking a monthly license fee of between 90 cents and $1 within conference markets, and as much as 50 cents in other areas.
Stevenson said senior vice president of affiliate sales and marketing Art Marquez and his team are engaged in distribution discussions throughout the industry. He responded, " I do," when asked if Pac-12 Networks will have carriage contracts beyond the quartet of charter affiliates and NCTC members before the channels kick off next month.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charter: Big 10 Network vs Pac 12 Networks

Hey, Charter imagine the outrage from your customers in the Pac 12 footprint if they can get the Big 10 Network,as they can now, and NOT the Pac 12 Networks. For example, they can see a Purdue vs Indiana football game but not Cal vs USC. You don't need any lower customer satisfaction!  

 Get it done!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good News on Charter

Don't know how I missed this but our "friends" at The Husky Haul.Com posted this article dated July 14, 2012 and it has a lot of information on Pac 12 Networks coverage and where it will be carried.  Deep in the article is this nugget on Charter:
 Fans in Southern Oregon may be saved at the last minute though, as Kevin Allen, spokesman for Charter Communications stated ”Charter is in active discussions with the Pac-12, but has not reached agreeable terms.” Knowing how these things go, that deal will probably get done. 
Regardless of whether you have Charter or not this is a good comprehensive article on the subject even if it comes from a Husky.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Charter Communications in last place !

  According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index Charter Communications is in LAST place in consumer satisfaction. 


This is why Charter Communications NEEDS the Pac 12 Networks!

DirectTV will carry PAC 12 ?????

"Realtime Duck" over at the forum "Open Season" on educk is reporting:

I just got off the phone with them. They will carry it, but it will cost you. It will be included in the ESPN game plan. Early Bird price is $120 for that plan.

The Regional Sports PACK will include "overflow" games from the network, though, as anybody who has had fox, comcast, or any of the other like networks on the regional packages knows, you game can get pre-empted(?) or replaced at anytime. Regional is $12 mo on Direct and will include the extra NBC channels for the upcoming Olympics.

I hope the information is correct but would like verification from another source. Another poster casts some doubt on this post. Sometimes sales people will "over sell their product" and tell the customer what they want to hear. Let's hope this is not such a case.

Pac-12 TV Network: News on the distribution front

GOOD NEWS!!!!! Jon Wilner of the  San Jose Mercury News is reporting the Pac 12 Network has picked up some additional cable companies:

The league just announced a deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative, which includes hundreds of smaller cable companies — I believe Wave/Astound, Frontier, Cable One, Bend and Strata are all NCTC members — that serve millions of households

In their press release the National Cable Television Cooperative said:

The NCTC counts more than 900 cable operators in the United States as members and serves millions of cable subscribers across the U.S. These operators and other NCTC members will be able to carry Pac-12 Networks and its six regional channels.
Now Charter Communications what are you waiting for?


I have verified from at least two Internet sources that  Charter Communications is a member of the NCTC. (see link below)   Does this mean Charter will carry the Pac 12 Network ??????? Will update as I get more info.


Keep in mind "The deal with the NCTC is a master agreement whereby NCTC's 900 cable operators and other providers can opt into the group's deal for the seven networks, including the regionals in Northern California (Stanford and Cal); Southern California (USC and UCLA); Oregon (Oregon State and Oregon); Washington (Washington State and Washington); Arizona (Arizona State and Arizona); and Mountain (Utah and Colorado) areas."

So the big question is will Charter Communications, member or not, "opt in" !!!!

Mike Jorgensen to be on Pac 12 Network

Former, Medford resident Mike Jorgensen will be making some appearances on the new Pac 12 Network. Radio station KXL in Portland is reporting:

Jorgy began by saying he will be appearing in some of the Pac-12 Network’s re-telecasts of some of the greatest games ever played in the Pac-10.  One of the games that will be featured is the November, 2009 double overtime game between Oregon and Arizona down in Tucson. 
Jorgy teams with radio voice of the Ducks Jerry Allen in the radio broadcast of all  Oregon Duck football games. Sure hope Charter customers in Medford and the rest of Southern Oregon can see him in the Pac 12 Network!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Pac-12 Network: Skinny on Initial Broadcasting Deals"


By Porter Olson

"the Pac-12 Network, has only managed to structure broadcasting deals with cable television carriers Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and Bright House Networks. Absent from the list are two of the larger cable television providers, Charter Communications and Cablevision. Also missing, and far more problematic than the absence of deals with Charter and Cablevision, are deals with the two largest satellite television broadcasters in the nation, DirecTV and DISH Network."


"Fans of the Pac-12 Conference who find themselves without the network after its August launch should immediately call their local cable and satellite television providers and demand the new network. Don’t assume just because they built it the broadcasters will come. Make the calls, voice your opinions, and get the Pac-12 Network as part of your regular lineup of sports channels. After all, this is truly something exciting. You will definitely want to be a part of it right from the beginning."

To read more click on the link above

Pac 12 Network Sets & Opening Schedule

The Pac 12 Network Blog has been updated with some photos of their "anchor desk" set etc. Here is a link


Here is a link to the Pac 12  Networks opening schedule for the "Oregon Channel" :


Here is a link to the Pac 12 Networks opening schedule for the "National Channel":


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Pac 12 Network

What if I have DirecTV, Dish, UVerse, Charter  etc. as a TV Provider ?:

Pac 12 Network response:

We are currently in discussions with many other cable, telco, and satellite distributors who are interested in carrying Pac-12 Networks. We will make information on any new distribution deal available as soon as that deal is completed. In the meantime, you should not hesitate to let your provider know that you are extremely interested in receiving Pac-12 Networks on your system. Don't forget to use our hash tag – #IWantPac12Networks – in your emails, tweets and posts.
You can visit the Channel Finder to find out if Pac-12 Networks is available through your current television provider.

For more questions and answers go to:

Charter Communications and the Big 10 Network

The Big Ten Network was launched in August of 2007 and went a year before they made a deal to be carried on Charter Communications Cable network in August of 2008.  At the present time here in Medford, Oregon, far outside of the Big 10 footprint, the Big Ten Network can be watched by Charter subscribers who pay extra for a sports tier of channels.
If would be a shame if Pac 12 fans in the heart of  the Pac 12 footprint could watch the Big Ten Network but not their own Pac 12 Network! Charter let's get it done!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Charter Cable Footprint

In the  picture the footprint of Charter Communications is the lime green. Charter's coverage area coves most of the Oregon Coast, Southern Oregon, Central and Eastern Oregon . Comcast's footprint is the Willamette Valley from Portland to Eugene. Imagine the protest if the folks in Portland, Salem and Eugene could not get Oregon sports! That's how they have gotten away with only having Oregon sports on Comcast for the last four years ! Well, the folks in the lime green will not be quiet anymore.

A state divided not by green and yellow vs black and orange but by lime green vs royal blue!

Is the Pac 12 Network holding back?

Since it's launch the Pac 12 Network has not announced ONE cable or satellite carrier who has agreed to carry the Network except for the original four of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and Bright House Networks. I find it hard to believe that they don't have at least one or two cable companies "under their belt." They must have at least a some cable company in "Podunk wherever" signed up. At least, let's hope so! They are playing this very close to the vest.  Let's hope they are not like the Wizard of Oz.

Help on the way?

According to The Hill , the U.S. Senate  is investigating the cable TV industry to  :

“ make sure that consumers do not continue to get caught in the crossfire in programming disputes, facing dark screens and losing access to news, sports, and other entertainment programming.”

Scheduled to appear and testify at the Senate hearings:

"is a lineup of top cable and broadcasting executives, as well as consumer advocates."


Pac-12 Networks and Oregon

More fans will see more Oregon sports on more channels than ever before when the Pac-12 Networks launches on August 15. If that doesn’t get your green and yellow blood pumping, watch the video below to get a taste of what will be on on the network. To learn if you will get Pac-12 Networks from your TV provider visit the Pac-12 Networks Channel Finder.

This is the ninth of 12 sizzle reels that will be released before August 15, so check back for the others as the Pac-12 Networks launch approaches.

Pac 12 Networks and USC

Pac 12 Networks and Washington

Pac 12 Networks and Stanford

Pac-12 Networks: Launching August 15

Pac 12 Networks and Oregon State

Pac-12 Networks and Washington State

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Four long years in Southern Oregon

It has been four long years since  Joe Giansante, Oregon's then  Senior Associate Athletic Director, said this when the Oregon Sports Network cut a deal with Comcast Sportsnet Northwest to carry Oregon sports:

“But when networks like these grow, these are the growing pains. If we lose 8,000 alums in Medford, we’re picking up 50,000 alums in Seattle.”
Well, it was a long period of "growing pains" that has not come to an end. Comcast and Charter Communications, NEVER came to a deal. Charter is the primary cable provider for most folks in Southern Oregon . Four years and no Oregon coaches shows, many missed basketball and baseball games, track meets, etc.

When the new Pac 12 Network was announced there was hope, here in Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Klamath Falls and many other OREGON communities that our long nightmare was over.  Well today there is no deal between Charter Communications and the new Pac 12 Network to carry the Network's games and programs and the football season is coming on strong.

We are silent no more! Now the Beavers, Huskies, Cougars and assorted fans of other Pac 12 teams are in the same boat we are in. Make your voice heard!

What Football Games you will NOT get

Schedule of Pac 12 football  games on the Pac 12 Network for first few weeks of the 2012 season you WILL NOT GET if you have Charter Cable:

TeamsTime (PT)LocationTVXMSirius
Thursday, August 30th

Northern Colorado at Utah4:15 PMSalt Lake City, UtahPac-12 Networks
Northern Arizona at Arizona St.7:30 PMTempe, Ariz.Pac-12 Networks

Friday, August 31st
San Jose State at Stanford7:00 PMStanford, Calif.Pac-12 Networks
Saturday, September 1st
Nevada at California12:00 PMBerkeley, Calif.Pac-12 Networks
Nicholls St. at Oregon St.12:00 PMCorvallis, Ore.Pac-12 Networks

San Diego State at Washington7:30 PMSeattle, Wash.Pac-12 Networks

Saturday, September 8th

E. Washington at Washington St.12:00 PMPullman, Wash.Pac-12 Networks
Sacramento St. at Colorado12:00 PMBoulder, Colo.Pac-12 Networks
Southern Utah at California12:00 PMBerkeley, Calif.Pac-12 Networks

Fresno St. at Oregon3:30 PMEugene, Ore.Pac-12 Networks

Duke at Stanford7:30 PMStanford, Calif.Pac-12 Networks

Oklahoma State at Arizona7:30 PMTucson, Ariz.Pac-12 Networks

Saturday, September 15th

Tennessee Tech at Oregon12:00 PMEugene, Ore.Pac-12 Networks

Houston at UCLA7:30 PMPac-12 Networks
S.C. State at Arizona7:30 PMTucson, Ariz.Pac-12 Networks
Saturday, September 22nd

California at USCTBDLos Angeles, Calif.Pac-12 Networks

With more black outs to come!

Local Pac-12 fans left in limbo during TV fight

The Pac-12 Networks will bring all the Pac-12 Conference's football games into the living rooms of an estimated 40 million homes this season.
Just not in Southern Oregon. At least not yet.
A television deal has yet to be reached between the Pac-12 Networks and Southern Oregon's primary television providers, Charter Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network....Read the rest here:

Links to Pac 12 Network Blog

Check out the Pac 12 Network Blog for updates on the network at http://pac12networksblog.wordpress.com/

Scroll down for some nice pictures of their new headquarters  in San Francisco

Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications

Tom Rutledge the CEO of Charter Communications in February of this year said:

 "My focus will be on ensuring that the fundamentals of taking care of our customers are constantly improving, that we offer products and services that are better than any alternative and that we are a company that customers want to do business with...."

Well, a step in that direction is adding the Pac 12 Network to Charter's cable networks . Let's get it done.

The help of all Pac 12 fans is needed

Ducks, Beavers, Huskies, Cougars, Bears, Cardinal,Trojans,Bruins,Sun Devils, Wildcats,Buffaloes and Utes let your opinions be heard.

Why we want the Pac 12 Network

The Pac-12 Network is the national network in a group of 7 upcoming American sports television networks dedicated to the Pac-12 Conference, scheduled to begin broadcasts in August 2012. The 7 networks, titled Pac-12 Networks, include the national network and 6 regional networks: Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon & Oregon State), Pac-12 Southern California (USC & UCLA), Pac-12 Washington (Washington & Washington State),), Pac-12 Northern California (Stanford & Cal), Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona & Arizona State), and Pac-12 Mountain (Utah & Colorado). The national network is expected to be available to at least 40 million homes at the time of launch but not yet in Southern Oregon. Charter Cable, the Dish & Direct TV have not yet agreed to carry the Pac 12 Network.

 Upon launch, the networks will feature 24-hour a day, 7-day a week coverage of classic-to-current Pac-12 sports, including Olympic sports. The network ensures that every football and men's basketball game not selected by national broadcast networks such as ABC, ESPN or FOX SPORTS will be will be televised nationally on the Pac 12 Network. Sports not featured nationally on the national Pac-12 Network will be featured through the regional networks. The Pac-12 Network also has the right of first refusal over ABC, ESPN and FOX for a limited number of games.  To ensure you get all the games & extras contact your carrier to request they offer both the Pac 12 National and your regional Pac 12 Network.