Monday, November 26, 2012

Basketball Games Charter Customers will not see!

See what you have already missed and what you will miss as a Charter customer!

2012 Pac-12 Networks Men’s Basketball Televised Schedule
Date   Time (PT)    Matchup
Nov. 9   4:00 PM    Northern Arizona at Oregon (subject to change)
Nov. 9   4:00 PM    Wofford at Colorado
Nov. 9   6:00 PM   TBD at Oregon State
Nov. 9   6:00 PM    Willamette at Utah
Nov. 9   8:00 PM    Coppin State at USC
Nov. 9    8:00 PM    San Francisco at Stanford
Nov. 10  4:30 PM    Central Arkansas at Arizona State
Nov. 10   4:30 PM   Eastern Washington at Washington State
Nov. 11   3:00 PM   Charleston Southern at Arizona
Nov. 11  5:00 PM   Loyola-MD at Washington
Nov. 11  7:00 PM    Cal-State Bakersfield at California
Nov. 12  6:30 PM   Portland State at Oregon
Nov. 12   8:30 PM    Cal State Fullerton at Stanford
Nov. 13  6:30 PM   Long Beach State at USC
Nov. 13  6:30 PM   Pepperdine at California
Nov. 13  8:30 PM   UC Irvine at UCLA (Legends Classic)
Nov. 13   8:30 PM    Albany at Washington
Nov. 14   7:00 PM    Utah Valley at Washington State
Nov. 15  6:00 PM    Alcorn State at Stanford
Nov. 15   8:00 PM    James Madison at UCLA (Legends Classic)
Nov. 16   6:00 PM    Sacramento State at Utah
Nov. 16   8:00 PM    Vanderbilt at Oregon ..... Ducks won against a ranked team!
Nov. 18   4:00 PM    Florida A&M at Arizona State
Nov. 18   6:00 PM   Belmont at Stanford
Nov. 19   6:00 PM    Long Beach State at Arizona
Nov. 19  8:00 PM    Jacksonville State at Oregon
Nov. 20   6:00 PM    Cornell at Arizona State
Nov. 21  6:00 PM    Idaho State at Utah
Nov. 23  4:00 PM    Central Michigan at Utah
Nov. 24   2:30 or 6:30 PM  Wright State at Utah
Nov. 24   12:30 or 6:30 PM  Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Washington State
Nov. 25  3:00 PM   Montana State at Oregon State
Nov. 25  5:00 PM   Air Force at Colorado
Nov. 25  7:00 PM    Cal Poly at UCLA
Nov. 27   6:30 PM    Texas Southern at Colorado
Nov. 28  5:00 PM   Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Arizona State
Nov. 28  7:00 PM   Idaho at Washington State
Nov. 28  7:00 PM   Northern Arizona at Arizona
Nov. 28  7:00 PM   Seattle at Stanford
Nov. 28  9:00 PM   Saint Louis at Washington
Nov. 28   9:00 PM    Cal State Northridge at UCLA
Nov. 29  7:00 PM   UT-San Antonio at Oregon
Dec. 1   3:00 PM   Sacramento State at Arizona State
Dec. 1   5:00 PM   Portland at Washington State
Dec. 1   7:00 PM    Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Oregon
Dec. 2   5:00 PM   Denver at Stanford
Dec. 2   7:00 PM   Cal State Fullerton at Washington
Dec. 4   6:30 PM   Southern Mississippi at Arizona
Dec. 5   5:30 PM    Boise State at Utah
Dec. 5   5:30 PM   Hartford at Arizona State
Dec. 5   7:30 PM   Colorado State at Colorado
Dec. 8   11:00 AM   Cal State Northridge at Arizona State
Dec. 8   1:00 PM    Grambling State at Oregon State
Dec. 8   3:00 PM   Idaho State at Oregon
Dec. 8    5:00 PM   Nevada at Washington
Dec. 8   7:30 PM    Minnesota at USC
Dec. 9    4:00 PM    Fresno State at Washington State
Dec. 12  6:30 PM   DePaul at Arizona State
Dec. 13  7:00 PM    Jackson State at Washington State
Dec. 15  12:00 PM   Dartmouth at Arizona State
Dec. 15  2:00 PM   UC Davis at Stanford
Dec. 15  4:00 PM   UC Riverside at USC
Dec. 15  4:00 PM   Jackson State at Washington
Dec. 15  6:00 PM   Prairie View A&M at UCLA
Dec. 15  8:00 PM   Creighton at California
Dec. 16  4:00 PM    Chicago State at Oregon State
Dec. 18   6:00 PM   Oral Roberts at Arizona
Dec. 18   6:00 PM   SMU at Utah
Dec. 18   8:00 PM   UC Santa Barbara at California
Dec. 18   8:00 PM    Long Beach State at UCLA
Dec. 19   7:00 PM    Howard at Oregon State
Dec. 20   6:00 PM    Cal Poly at Washington
Dec. 20   8:00 PM    UC Irvine at USC
Dec. 21   5:30 PM    Northern Arizona at Colorado
Dec. 21   7:30 PM    Cal State Northridge at Utah
Dec. 21  7:30 PM   Buffalo at Washington State
Dec. 22  12:00 PM   Houston Baptist at Oregon
Dec. 22   2:00 or 4:00PM  Northern Illinois at Washington
Dec. 22   2:00 or 4:00 PM  Prairie View A&M at California
Dec. 22   6:00 PM    San Diego at Oregon State
Dec. 22  8:00 PM    Fresno State at UCLA
Dec. 28  6:30 PM   College of Idaho at Utah
Dec. 29  11:00 AM   Coppin State at Arizona State
Dec. 29   11:00 AM    Hartford at Colorado
Dec. 29  1:00 PM    Towson at Oregon State
Dec. 29  3:00 PM    Idaho State at Washington State
Dec. 29  5:00 PM    Lafayette at Stanford
Dec. 29   7:30 PM    Harvard at California
Dec. 30   4:00 PM    Dayton at USC
Dec. 31   2:00 PM    Texas-Pan American at Oregon State
Dec.31   4:00 PM    Nevada at Oregon
Jan. 2   7:00 PM    Utah at Arizona State
Jan. 5    12:00 PM    Stanford at UCLA
Jan. 5    2:00 PM    Utah at Arizona
Jan. 6    5:00 PM    Colorado at Arizona State
Jan. 9    7:00 PM   Washington State at Stanford
Jan. 10   6:30 PM    UCLA at Utah
Jan. 10   8:30 PM    Arizona State at Oregon State
Jan. 12   11:00 AM    UCLA at Colorado
Jan. 12   1:00 PM    Washington State at California
Jan. 12   3:00 PM    USC at Utah
Jan. 13   6:00 PM    Arizona State at Oregon
Jan. 16  6:30 PM    Utah at Washington State
Jan. 16   8:30 PM    Colorado at Washington
Jan. 19  5:00 PM    Oregon State at USC
Jan. 19   7:00 PM   Colorado at Washington State
Jan. 23  6:30 PM    Washington State at Oregon
Jan. 23  8:30 PM   Washington at Oregon State
Jan. 24  5:30 PM   California at Utah
Jan. 24  7:30 PM   USC at Arizona State
Jan. 26   2:00 PM   Washington State at Oregon State
Jan. 26  4:00 PM    Washington at Oregon
Jan. 27   6:00 PM    Stanford at Utah
Jan. 30   7:00 PM    USC at UCLA
Jan. 31   8:00 PM    Arizona State at Washington State
Feb. 2    7:00 PM    Arizona at Washington State
Feb. 3    12:00 PM    Oregon State at Stanford
Feb. 6    7:00 PM    Utah at Oregon State
Feb. 7    6:30 PM    California at Arizona State
Feb. 7    8:30 PM    Washington State at USC
Feb. 9    5:00 PM    Utah at Oregon
Feb. 9    7:00 PM    Washington State at UCLA
Feb. 10   4:00 PM    California at Arizona
Feb. 10   6:00 PM    Colorado at Oregon State
Feb. 13  5:00 PM    Arizona State at Utah
Feb. 13   7:00 PM    Oregon State at Washington State
Feb. 14   7:00 PM    Arizona at Colorado
Feb. 16   4:00 PM    Oregon at Washington State
Feb. 17   12:00 PM    Arizona at Utah
Feb. 20   7:00 PM    Washington State at Arizona State
Feb. 21   7:00 PM    Utah at Colorado
Feb. 23  3:00 PM    California at Oregon State
Feb. 23   5:00 PM    Stanford at Oregon
Feb. 27  6:30 PM    Arizona to USC
Feb. 27  8:30 PM    Arizona State at UCLA
March 3  2:00 PM   Utah at Stanford
March 6  6:30 PM   UCLA at Washington State
March 6  8:30 PM   USC at Washington
March 9   11:30 AM   Oregon at Utah

Charter Refuges

On Saturday I joined thousands of Charter Refuges who were forced from their homes  in Southern Oregon and the Oregon Coast to Sports Bars and Bowling Alleys that have the Dish to watch the most important game of the year in the state of Oregon. That being the annual "Civil War" game between the University of Oregon Ducks and and the Oregon State Beavers. I was able to watch the game on a non high definition TV but felt sorry for the many families that couldn't take their children to the game because the only place available was a bar that wouldn't admit children or a very crowded bowling alley.  
When my children were young they were brought up to be Ducks and every year the family would gather around the TV to watch the "Civil War" game.  I must have brought them up right, because  though neither went to the University of Oregon, they both gathered together on Saturday in a Sports Bar in Arlington, Virgina near where they live to watch the Duck and the Beavers go at it.

Charter may think that the worst is over now since the college football season is winding down to the Bowl games that will be on networks other than the Pac 12 Networks....... but they will be wrong!

Can you say.......PAC 12 BASKETBALL !!!!!!!!  Pac 12 Baseball and Track! More on that later.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ken Goe: "No good guys in the Civil War television flap"

Ken Goe of the Oregonian newspaper:

The situation is as bad or worse in other parts of Oregon, where Charter Communications is the cable option. Charter hasn't come to terms with the Pac-12 Networks either. This story from the Medford Mail Tribune explains.
Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News calls it "unfathomably unfortunate" and "sobering" for the conference.

It's too bad, because the 2012 Civil War could be special. Both teams are nationally ranked. Oregon still has national championship possibilities if things break right. Oregon State conceivably could appear in a BCS bowl game given a victory and the right sequence of events.
I'm struck by the way none of the parties to this dispute seem particularly interested in fans who won't have an opportunity to watch the game at home.
-- Let's start with DirecTV and Charter, who are insisting on a better deal than one other cable companies and satellite providers already have accepted. That puts Pac-12 Enterprises in an impossible position with say, Comcast and Dish Network. DirecTV and Charter have willingly used fans and their passion for their teams as a bargaining chip.
-- The Pac-12 Networks could have allowed the game to be televised by, say, one or more of the local television stations as a one-shot, goodwill gesture. The Pac-12 Nets position -- that a one-time exemption would compromise the integrity of long-term agreements already struck -- is so unyieldingly draconian it almost makes me sympathize with DirecTV and Charter.
-- This was a golden opportunity lost for Oregon and/or Oregon State to facilitate viewing parties for fans without good options.
The two athletic departments stand to make fortunes from Pac-12 television rights. Some estimates say it eventually will be as much as $30 million per year. But nobody to whom I talked at either school seemed concerned about the dispossessed fans.
Taking the money while terms of the deal prevent many loyal fans from viewing the game, then ignoring the plight of those fans seems like bad business to me. Some fans will find something else to do on Saturday afternoon -- this year, and possibly in seasons to come.

John Wilner: "Unbelievably, Unfathomably Unfortunate"

Jon Wilner the "Dean" of Pac 12 Sportswriters in the San Jose Mercury News today:

Lastly, a word about the Civil War, which is on the Pac-12 Networks and thus not available in Oregon (or anywhere) on Charter or DirecTV.
And that word is unfortunate … incredibly, unbelievably, unfathomably unfortunate.
The fact that a football rivalry game — a rivalry game with conference and national championship implications, no less — won’t be available to tens of thousands of fans in its home state is most definitely not what the conference had in mind when it announced the formation of the Pac12Nets, with the intent to increase viewing access for fans.
It’s also unfortunate that fans didn’t know the game would be on the Pac12Nets until last weekend, thus leaving little time, especially on a holiday week, to switch providers (if that’s even an option).
As I’ve written numerous times, the conference cannot cave: It must hold its ground with DirecTV and Charter, which have been offered essentially the same deal as Comcast and DISH and all the other providers that have reached a carriage deal.
But this is an unfortunate situation for fans and a sobering situation for the conference.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Civil War" Lunch

Medford Mail Tribune picture but the Duck behind the speaker is mine!

More than 300 movers and shakers in Southern Oregon crowded into the ballroom at the Rogue Valley Country Club yesterday for the annual joint "Civil War" lunch of Ducks and Beavers. Needless to say Charter Communications did not have a lot of friends there.  One comment I overheard, " John is unable to make it because he is at home having the Dish installed at his house.

Mail Tribune":Civil War game blackout is outrageous"

The following is an Editorial from today's Medford Mail Tribune newspaper.  This is NOT from the sports page but from the Editorial page!

Civil War game blackout is outrageous

Pac-12 Network, Charter both depend on public but aren't serving its interest

November 21, 2012

A pox on both their houses.
Thanks to a dispute between a government-franchised cable television provider and an organization representing taxpayer-funded state universities, the vast majority of Rogue Valley residents will be unable to watch the annual Civil War football game between Oregon and Oregon State.
This has been an ongoing issue throughout the fall, following the launch of the Pac-12 Network, which covers games not broadcast by the major networks. It was bad enough that coverage was not available for the Oregon-Tennessee Tech game or that the maybe-to-be-played Oregon State-Nicholls State game likely won't be on air locally, but now the composite greed of Charter and the Pac-12 Network is depriving Southern Oregonians of a contest that is arguably a cultural touchstone.
The Pac-12 Network is one of the many dubious outgrowths of the explosion in popularity of college sports, and especially college football. As with collegiate athletic leagues across the country, the Pac-12 Network was formed with one idea in mind: to make money for its member institutions.
The network controls the broadcasting rights to any Pac-12 games that are not aired on major networks. If cable companies like Charter or satellite companies like DirecTV want to air those games, they've got to pay the Pac-12 piper. Currently they have no deal; each of the parties says the other is being unreasonable in its financial demands or offerings.
The Pac-12 Network notes it does have a deal with Dish TV as well as with other cable companies across the country and asks, if those companies are willing to sign up, why isn't Charter? Charter says the Pac-12 Network is squeezing cable operations with unreasonable pricing for programming that not all of its viewers are interested in.
Caught in the middle are OSU and UO fans, some of whom have been watching this game on their TV sets for a half-century or more. Oregon has top-tier professional basketball and soccer teams, but for many their sports passion is reserved for the two major college teams, especially their football teams. And there is no bigger game on those die-hard fans' schedules than the Civil War.
A Pac-12 Network official says the network doesn't "feel any shame or regret" over the network's failure to reach an agreement, but acknowledges "frustration" over the standoff. Charter seems to have an equally cavalier attitude.
That's particularly galling when you consider that the Pac-12 Network's meal ticket comes from the sports teams of publicly funded universities. There are some private schools in the PAC-12, but in Oregon the good old taxpayer is footing a big chunk of the bill for both conference schools, while at the same time being denied access to programs involving those schools.
Meanwhile, Charter operates in Jackson County through franchise agreements signed off on by local governments. It is currently negotiating with the city of Medford — perhaps our city leaders should ask Charter about its commitment to providing coverage from this state before they agree to anything. We're sure Comcast (which does have a Pac-12 agreement) or almost any other cable TV provider would be happy to fill the void if Charter got the boot.
The Pac-12 Network and Charter should feel "shame and regret" for their failure. Sports fans from Oregon and Oregon State could help them get back in touch with their feelings by registering their concerns both with their respective universities and with their program provider, whether it's Charter or DirecTV.
Truly motivated fans can deliver the strongest message by withholding financial support from the universities and the companies until the situation is resolved. That's the only message we're sure they'll understand.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mail Tribune:"Civil War Blackout"


"CIVIL WAR BLACKOUT" Sports reporter Kris Henry has a long sports news story on how the blackout is effecting family's in Southern Oregon   He tells the story of John Watt a Beaver who  hosts 35 to 40 friends every year for a party that this year will not happen because of Charter.  Jim Wright is quoted as saying "But I pity the poor people that are planning Civil War parties". He quotes  Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson:
"We've got no indication from either Charter or DirecTV that they have any interest in making a deal with us," ....... "We've reached an agreement with over 50 distributors across the country, including four of the five biggest in the country (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and DISH). We've had an offer in front of DirecTV and Charter from the beginning. It is, in essence, the same offer that we've offered these other companies."
 "We're frustrated for the fans and we understand the fans' frustration. The fact of the matter is we have what's already been decided is a fair market price for DirecTV and Charter and they're not listening to the fans."

 The sports new story reports that the Pac 12 Networks approaches Charter each week about carrying the Pac 12 networks but the are not interested and it will only get worse when the Pac 12 Networks have 70% of Pac 12 basketball games. Stevens is quoted as saying
  "We're ready to do a deal this moment," ...... "I'll fly down on Thanksgiving morning and sign a contract if they want to carry our networks but we're not going to accept something in the short term that's not fair to our fans and our student-athletes and our universities in the long term."

Monday, November 19, 2012

Charter: What the "Civil War" game means to Oregonians

I am afraid that Charter Communications doesn't understand the meaning to Oregonians of the annual University of Oregon vs Oregon State University football game we Oregonians call the "Civil War" game.  If they did they would not prevent most of Southern Oregon and the Oregon coast from being able to see the game on TV because they will not carry the Pac 12 Networks! In Oregon this is more than a football game this is a cultural phenomenon.  The State of Oregon has no professional football team and in Oregon you are either a Duck or a Beaver. Even if you never set foot on either campus you have had to take a side and most Oregonians have. Here is what I posted on another blog long before there was this dispute with Charter.

Here in Oregon this is Civil War Week. That is the Week that the University of Oregon Ducks play the Oregon State University Beavers in college football. Some one said this game "is for the right to live in the State of Oregon" or at least the right to live in the State of Oregon with your head held high. This is one of college footballs oldest rivalries. Here in Oregon, Ducks and Beavers can be found in most offices, families and neighborhoods. It's brother vs brother, neighbor vs neighbor and coworker vs coworker so it truly is a Civil War.

One of my favorite Civil War stories is from World War II. One of the Band of Brothers featured in the HBO mini series, Don Malarkey, is a University of Oregon alum. His studies were interrupted by World War II and he was in the paratroopers in England preparing for the D- Day landings. Eisenhower and Churchill came to view his unit before the beginning of the invasion and Ike asks Malarkey what he did before the war. He said he was a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and Ike asks him who won the last Oregon vs Oregon State Football game. Of course Ike played football for Army at West Point.

It is fun to walk around the tailgate parties before the game because you see Ducks and Beavers together. There is a scene in the movie Gettysburg where a confederate general tells a British Army officer who is there as an observer just before Pickett's charge that "All Virginia is here today". At each Oregon vs Oregon State Football game I like to think "all Oregon is here today."

Jon Wilner, of the San Jose Mercury news in California rates the rivalry football games in the Pac-10 (now Pac 12) and rates the "Civil War" game as the #1 rivalry game when he writes:

"1. The Civil War.

These days, Oregon-Oregon State has the best combination of passion, significance and competitiveness.

The passion takes the form of hatred — much closer to the Arizona-ASU situation than a healthy dislike.

OSU looks with jealousy at its richer, more-famous, more hip neighbor and wonders what might have been if Phil Knight had gone to OSU. The Ducks hate OSU because they’ve been told to hate OSU for decades.

The games are usually high scoring, although not always close, and the home team has dominated this decade.

Most importantly, you can’t go more than two or three Civil Wars without the stakes being high — sometimes for both teams.

Five times this decade, the Ducks have won at least eight games. The Beavers are on the verge of doing it for the fourth time.

Without question, Oregon and Oregon State have been the most successful natural rivals in the conference in recent years. And that makes the Civil War the league’s best rivalry.

For now."

I learned to hate the Beavers a long time ago in the late 1960's and early 1970's when the Beavers regularly under coach Dee Andros,( The Great Pumpkin) beat the shi* out of Oregon Duck Teams and did it with such relish.

A few years ago Dee, long retired, not too long before his death, came to a joint Duck/Beaver "Civil War" lunch in Medford and gave a passionate speech about the "Civil War" game that made me want to strap on a helmet and start playing right there. When Dee Andros walked into the banquet room he was wearing a god awful bright orange blazer and a black and orange striped tie. A local young TV sports reporter, who had probably just moved to this area, walked up to him and asked him if he was an Oregon State fan ..... it brought a smile to my face.

(Dee Andros was a veteran of World War II where he served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was awarded the Bronze Star and spent more than a month under heavy fire on Iwo Jima. He was present at the famed moment when Marines raised the American flag on Iwo Jima.)

It was Dee who said of the "Civil War" game it  "is for the right to live in the State of Oregon"

Charter Communications has done the almost impossible,  it has brought Ducks and Beaver together to both condemn Charter for their refusal to carry the Pac 12 Networks and as a result the "Civil War" game. Way to go!!!!!! Now I will be forced to leave my home and go to a bar where there will be a bunch of *%*%# Beavers to watch the game on Dish!  As soon as my contract is up Charter is gone from my home!

No "Civil War" on TV in Southern Oregon

When was the last time the “Civil War” game between the Duck & Beavers was  not shown on TV in Southern Oregon ? I can remember every year since 1994 or longer it has been on TV. I watched the 1994 game in 1994 when the Ducks beat the Beavers  to go to the Rose Bowl so it has been at  least 18 years! Not this year thanks  to Charter! (sarcasm)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

NO"Civil War" game for Southern Oregon!!!!!

In Southern Oregon, most Oregon Duck and Oregon State Beaver fans will miss the annual "Civil War" game between the two Oregon schools because the game will be on the Pac 12 Networks not carried by the major cable company in Southern Oregon. CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Telephone call from Charter

 Yesterday I received a telephone call from a Charter representative, at my office,  wanting me  to change my office telephone provider to Charter.  He didn't get what he wanted!

It will be a cold day in..........

Football Games Charter Customers Will Not See this Weekend

Washington State @ Arizona State 
12:00 PM
CAL @ Oregon State 
7:30 PM

NO Oregon vs Vanderbult in Basketball on Charter

That's right, Oregon Ducks fans! If you live in Southern Oregon and want to watch South Medford High star EJ Singler play for the Ducks tonight (Friday Nov 16 at 8 pm) against Vanderbilt  you are out of luck unless you want to drive three hours both ways through an incoming storm through four mountain passes because it's only on the Pac 12 Networks not carried by Charter!!!

If you like Pac 12 Basketball this is only the beginning of the black out in Southern Oregon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pac 12 Networks Full Page Color AD in Mail Tribune

The Pac 12 Networks has a full page color ad in today's Medford Mail Tribune newspaper in Medford Oregon.  The headline of the ad is "Game Time Is All The Time But Charter and DirecTV Have You On the Sideline" It then advertises the Oregon vs Vanderbilt   basketball game on Friday November 16th at 8 pm. It has a picture of an Oregon basketball player that looks suspiciously like EJ Singler, South Medford High's own.... now playing for the Ducks.  It also advertises a football game between Cal and Oregon State on November 17th at 7:30 pm. Both games ONLY on the Pac 12 Networks and not available to Charter customers.

The ad ends with "Don't Miss Another Second of Oregon and Oregon St Sports" and then list some cable networks and Dish that do carry the Pac 12 Networks.


The ad ran for thee days straight!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pac-12 Has # 1 Team in Nation & 5 in top 25!

The Oregon Ducks of the Pac 12 Conference is the Number 1 team in the nation according to the AP and USA Today Coaches polls and Charter does not carry the Pac 12 Networks! Shame on Charter!

Some of the best football is being played in the Pac 12 Conference.  There are 5, yes 5 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 according to the  A.P. as follows:

1. Oregon Ducks

14. Stanford

15. Oregon State

17. UCLA

21. USC

Charter.... your customers will have long memoirs of this miscalculation on your part.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Football Games Charter Customers will NOT see on TV this Weekend!

Saturday November 10, 2012
12:00 PM
7:30 PM

Charter is thumbing their noses at Pac 12 fans !

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charter Communications posts 3Q loss

Charter communications  lost $87 million, or 87 cents per share, in the 3rd quarter of July to September 2012 period, compared with a loss of $85 million, or 79 cents per share, a year earlier in 2011.Charter lost 72,000 TV customers in the quarter.....

How many of those 72,000 TV customers they lost were Pac 12 Fans????