Monday, September 24, 2012

Support Your Local Schools....... Move to Dish!

Since the beginning of this blog one of  the most productive sites for information has been Jon Wilner's Blog over at the San Jose Mercury News.

Since San Jose is in the San Francisco Bay Area Wilner has cultivated sources within the Pac 12 Networks in San Francisco and the Pac 12 in nearby Walnut Grove. The "comments" section of his blog has been a gather place for those those interested in the carriage agreements between the Pac 12 Networks and the cable/satellite industry.

Here is an exchange of interest to Pac 12 Fans in Southern Oregon including Grants Pass and Medford that both have Charter.

Duckfan97526 says:

...........As a duck fan in Grants Pass, our choices are DTV, Charter, or DISH. That isn’t much of an option. I fault both the PAC-12 and DTV for this.
Jim Jones says: September 23rd, 2012 at 9:35 am in response:
Well if those are your 3 choices in Grants Pass you better go with /dish(cannot believe I am saying this I hate Dish) as neither DTV or Charter will have it for a long time. If you want PaC 12 networks do what you have to do if NFL is moe important then stay with DTV. At least you have choices. The two latest offers by DTV are PPV for short term so negotiations can continue. As far apart as they are this owuld never work. Second a 14.95 Stand alonewhichno other sport channel has been stuck with which would then force renegotiaitons with Dish, comcast, TW,Cox and Bright House and owuld not reach a very large market. also there is no room for price reducitons as that would require reducing price for all carriers who have signed which is not going to happen. the market price has been set either take it or leave it.
Based upon my research for  this blog,Jim Jones seems to know what is going on with the Pac 12 Networks and has very good "sources".

On another point, based upon my research it appears the big sticking point between Charter and DircTV is the Pac 12 holding firm on the requirement that cable and satellite systems MUST carry the Pac 12 Networks on a basic tier in the Pac 12 footprint (States where Pac 12 schools are located) and may put them on an upper tier outside the footprint.  Charter and DirecTV don't want to have to pay for everyone of their subscribers within the footprint even though  many others including Dish have agreed to it.  The Pac 12 schools want everyone to receive it in the Pac 12 states because they are the home schools and want to cultivate their fan base for all sports and not just football and basketball.  The Pac 12 is very firm on this point and it is a matter of principal with them and they will not give in. With the exception of Sanford and USC, all the schools of the Pac 12 are state supported institutions that get some or all of their support from the taxpayers of their state.

Thus, if you live in Southern Oregon the move to Dish has begun. Support your local schools!

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