Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pac-12 Network Launches Today; Its Both A Success And A Failure For Larry Scott

I don't very often agree with my Beaver friends but we are of the same mind here:
"But the failure to obtain ANY thru the air distribution via satellite distribution amounts to a substantial failure on Scott's part. So to is the inability to convince Cox to fully offer the Pac-12 outside the footprint."
"But its already a big deal, as the "splash" of the launch has already been lost."
"You can still go to the Pac-12's channel finder to see if your carrier has the Network, and send a message (which clearly didn't do any good) to those that don't. A better alternative might be to call your non-participating carrier and ask why they don't want your business.
So if you can see the premier, count yourself lucky, and maybe even share with the rest of us what we missed in the comments."
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  1. A recent article posted on stated a few reasons why providers such as Direct TV and (not mentioned by name) Charter have been balking at adding the Pac-12 Networks to their lineups:,0,1511937.story

    Hopefully, this situation can be worked out asap and we can have the Pac-12 Networks on Charter soon !!

  2. Thanks for your information. Jim Wickre

  3. No problem. I'll keep you informed when I receive more updated information. -- USC TH

  4. UPDATE:
    It appears Charter was not able to reach a deal before the 6pm PT launch. However, according to the UCLA webpage:

    "In the Los Angeles market, there continues to be positive dialogue with DirecTV, Dish, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FIOS, and Charter, all of which have acknowledged the premium that the marketplace has placed on our valuable content".

    At this point, it has now become a wait and see situation. Pac-12 football begins on the Pac-12 Networks August 30th with the Northern Colorado @ Utah game beginning at 4pm and the Northern Arizona @ Arizona State at 7:30 pm. Marquee games? Not at all. But, a deal will need to be done on or before September 22nd with Cal @ USC which will be the game that should bring in the remaining carriage deals with providers. Again, we will need to be patient as we watch and see.