Monday, August 13, 2012

2 DAYS & Counting... Never Give IN! UPDATED

“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

Winston Churchill

We will get the Pac 12 Networks on Charter ! Pac 12 fans use the links to your left on this page to contact Charter and request the Pac 12 Networks! Keep it up through the football season and on.....  and never give in.

John Wilner of San Jose Mercury News update:

Check out the "comments" below for new updated info about the Charter negotiations.  It's all about money!


  1. Just read the following on Charter's Facebook page regarding why Charter and the Pac-12 have yet to come to a deal. According to Emily Klipfel, a Charter representive:

    "Charter is interested in providing the PAC-12 Network to our customers, but only if the cost of the service to Charter and subsequently our customers is consistent with agreements the PAC-12 Network has with other video providers of similar size as Charter. We are hopeful that our negotiations with the PAC-12 Network will result in more reasonable terms and provide Charter customers with value".

    It seems that COST is the culprit once again and Charter's customers are caught in the middle as usual. Hopefully soon, both sides can work out any conflicts and announce a deal on or by August 15th.

  2. Thanks for the updated information. Jim