Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Weekend without a Charter Agreement

Just a few days till the launch of the Pac 12 Networks and customers of Charter are still  in limbo! For four long years Oregon fans in Southern Oregon received assurances that if we were just patient the Oregon Sports Network and Comcast Sports/Northwest  would work out an agreement with Charter so we could watch Oregon sports in Southern Oregon. Never appended.    We are not impressed or reassured by the  Pac 12 Networks  teleconference today. (See post below) We have heard it all before.  We are looking for results and a carriage agreement with Charter. Get it done!


Here is a comment someone made on the post below that I want to re post here because I believe it is a good informed analysis of the situation by someone called Trojans Fan:

There is an interesting observation from OT via Jon Wilner's "College Hotline" blog regarding both DirecTV, Charter and Verizon FiOS:

"The biggest issue between PAC 12 Enterprises and DIRECTV is:

How often will the 6 regional feeds be turned on? Only during live football and men’s basketball games? Or also during live women’s and Olympic sports events?

DIRECTV will NOT budge of the following issue: only the PAC 12 National Network will be carried 24/7.

If the PAC 12 does not yield on this issue and insist that all 7 networks be available 24/7, then DIRECTV will not carry the PAC 12 Networks.

Besides August 30, the big event that the PAC 12 can use as leverage is the Cal @ USC football game on September 22. Any deal involving Charter Communications (mostly Southern California) will have to be done by then to avoid subscriber flight. Ditto DIRECTV. Ditto Verizon FiOS (which is popular in Southern California.)"

It's beginning to make me wonder if this is the same issue with Charter not having a deal as of yet. Charter may want the Pac-12 regionals to only be part time and only show live sports in order to save bandwidth, and allow the national network to be full time on their sports tier. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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