Friday, August 3, 2012

Not Good News!

  • Late this afternoon on Charter Communications Facebook page the following was posted by a Charter Representative in response to a request for an update on Charter carrying the Pac 12 Networks:

     I just heard back from local marketing in your area. We are in talks with Pac 12, but at this time we do not have any plans to launch this channel. Sorry if that was not the response you had hoped for. :( I'm just glad that I could provide you with the most accurate information. We have also tracked your request and definitely put customer requests at the top of our lists for possible channel additions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! -Abby
    Charter we are still waiting !


    Check out the "comments" for some perspective ..


  1. Jim, don't take what Abby said at face value. Again, Abby is only a customer service representative who really has no idea what the Charter Marketing Department is up to regarding open carriage negotiations between Charter and the Pac-12 Networks. Since Abby and marketing probably communicated through email, she only passed on what another marketing employee was told to say regarding this request. To me, this seems to be another generic answer and nothing more. I still believe Charter and the Pac-12 Networks will have a deal done by the time football is ready to begin or many of Charter's subscribers who reside in Pac-12 areas will jump to another provider if DirecTV or Dish have a deal in place by then. And believe me, Charter cannot afford the financial loss involved. So, again it must be said..."Get the deal done Charter!!"

  2. Well Said! I like your optimism.