Friday, August 3, 2012

Charter Customers Waiting!!!..... 12 days & Counting! UPDATE

It's 12 days till the launch of the new Pac 12 Networks on August 15th  and thousands of Charter Communications customers are waiting for Charter to announce they will carry the new stations. 

Charter customers all over the United States and particularly in Southern Oregon are waiting and we are not going away!

Check out the comments on  the post  below ...... there may be some movement by Charter.  Check back often for updates as they happen. 

Jim Jones a frequent and knowledgeable poster on several Pac 12 sports boards reports: 

"Today they added two Arizona cable providers who cover Maricopa, Sun Lakes and Saddlebrooke near Tucson. They are Western Broadband and Orbital. They will have the Arizona Regional networks on the launch date. There is also progress with several others including Charter, Direct, CableOne and Cablevision as well as Wave". 


After I posted over on the Facebook page for Charter that we Pac 12 fans are still waiting I received a generic answer from the Charter rep and then a Joe Uribe posted this:

Joe wrote: "It will Happen Jim. Charter is in active negotiations and we could have an announcement sometime soon. As an employee of Charter, Emily and her colleagues are not allowed to confirm anything involving future carriage deals until they are made public. This is why you will only receive the "generic" scripted answer she gave above."

Waiting and watching!


  1. Jim, there is also a Facebook page dedicated to the same cause we, as Charter customers are fighting for: FOR CHARTER TO CARRY THE PAC-12 NETWORKS. To view this link, cut and post into your browser and hit go. You are not alone in our efforts to have Charter listen to their customers and carry these new networks by the August 15th launch date.