Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8 Days and Counting UPDATED

People from big L.A. to little old Medford, Oregon are asking about when Charter Communications will come to an agreement with the Pac 12 Networks.  Our local newspaper, The Medford Mail Tribune, has a column  tittled "Since You Ask" that attempts to answerer question of general interest that people submit to the newspaper.  Today, it was on the very subject of this blog. No, it was not me who submitted the question.  However, there was little new information  that a regular reader of this blog would not  already know.  In fact, the writer of this column even mentioned that there are "blogs" and facepages dedicated to pressuring Charter to carry  the Pac 12 Networks!
I know of only one blog.  I will put a link to the Mail Tribune column as soon as it is posted online.


Wave Broadband has now signed up to carry the Pac 12 Networks..........still waiting for Charter to come on board.


More information here:


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