Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mail Tribune:"Civil War Blackout"


"CIVIL WAR BLACKOUT" Sports reporter Kris Henry has a long sports news story on how the blackout is effecting family's in Southern Oregon   He tells the story of John Watt a Beaver who  hosts 35 to 40 friends every year for a party that this year will not happen because of Charter.  Jim Wright is quoted as saying "But I pity the poor people that are planning Civil War parties". He quotes  Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson:
"We've got no indication from either Charter or DirecTV that they have any interest in making a deal with us," ....... "We've reached an agreement with over 50 distributors across the country, including four of the five biggest in the country (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and DISH). We've had an offer in front of DirecTV and Charter from the beginning. It is, in essence, the same offer that we've offered these other companies."
 "We're frustrated for the fans and we understand the fans' frustration. The fact of the matter is we have what's already been decided is a fair market price for DirecTV and Charter and they're not listening to the fans."

 The sports new story reports that the Pac 12 Networks approaches Charter each week about carrying the Pac 12 networks but the are not interested and it will only get worse when the Pac 12 Networks have 70% of Pac 12 basketball games. Stevens is quoted as saying
  "We're ready to do a deal this moment," ...... "I'll fly down on Thanksgiving morning and sign a contract if they want to carry our networks but we're not going to accept something in the short term that's not fair to our fans and our student-athletes and our universities in the long term."

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