Monday, November 26, 2012

Charter Refuges

On Saturday I joined thousands of Charter Refuges who were forced from their homes  in Southern Oregon and the Oregon Coast to Sports Bars and Bowling Alleys that have the Dish to watch the most important game of the year in the state of Oregon. That being the annual "Civil War" game between the University of Oregon Ducks and and the Oregon State Beavers. I was able to watch the game on a non high definition TV but felt sorry for the many families that couldn't take their children to the game because the only place available was a bar that wouldn't admit children or a very crowded bowling alley.  
When my children were young they were brought up to be Ducks and every year the family would gather around the TV to watch the "Civil War" game.  I must have brought them up right, because  though neither went to the University of Oregon, they both gathered together on Saturday in a Sports Bar in Arlington, Virgina near where they live to watch the Duck and the Beavers go at it.

Charter may think that the worst is over now since the college football season is winding down to the Bowl games that will be on networks other than the Pac 12 Networks....... but they will be wrong!

Can you say.......PAC 12 BASKETBALL !!!!!!!!  Pac 12 Baseball and Track! More on that later.

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