Friday, November 23, 2012

John Wilner: "Unbelievably, Unfathomably Unfortunate"

Jon Wilner the "Dean" of Pac 12 Sportswriters in the San Jose Mercury News today:

Lastly, a word about the Civil War, which is on the Pac-12 Networks and thus not available in Oregon (or anywhere) on Charter or DirecTV.
And that word is unfortunate … incredibly, unbelievably, unfathomably unfortunate.
The fact that a football rivalry game — a rivalry game with conference and national championship implications, no less — won’t be available to tens of thousands of fans in its home state is most definitely not what the conference had in mind when it announced the formation of the Pac12Nets, with the intent to increase viewing access for fans.
It’s also unfortunate that fans didn’t know the game would be on the Pac12Nets until last weekend, thus leaving little time, especially on a holiday week, to switch providers (if that’s even an option).
As I’ve written numerous times, the conference cannot cave: It must hold its ground with DirecTV and Charter, which have been offered essentially the same deal as Comcast and DISH and all the other providers that have reached a carriage deal.
But this is an unfortunate situation for fans and a sobering situation for the conference.

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