Friday, October 19, 2012

Dish Viewing Spots in Medford, Oregon

If you live in Medford, Oregon and are stuck with Charter cable I have received reports the McDonald's on McAndrews and Lava Lanes have the Dish so you can get the Pac 12 Networks.  Call ahead to verify.   Will update as additional  viewing spots are found.  If you know of a spot send me an email or post in comments below.
If you own a buisness that has the Dish let me know and I will post it for Pac 12 fans.


  1. I have DISH and love that I have the Pac-12 Network now. I was wondering what would happen to my viewing options once the Buffs switched conference, but DISH really came through on this one. We like a lot of different sports in my household, and a DISH coworker told me the network would also be showing a ton of baseball, volleyball, swimming and other sports as well.

  2. I can confirm that Lava Lanes carries Dish, but it get PACKED quick, show up early. Beerworks on Main has Dish and shows the games, usually pretty empty on a Saturday afternoon too!