Friday, July 20, 2012

Pac-12 TV Network: News on the distribution front

GOOD NEWS!!!!! Jon Wilner of the  San Jose Mercury News is reporting the Pac 12 Network has picked up some additional cable companies:

The league just announced a deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative, which includes hundreds of smaller cable companies — I believe Wave/Astound, Frontier, Cable One, Bend and Strata are all NCTC members — that serve millions of households

In their press release the National Cable Television Cooperative said:

The NCTC counts more than 900 cable operators in the United States as members and serves millions of cable subscribers across the U.S. These operators and other NCTC members will be able to carry Pac-12 Networks and its six regional channels.
Now Charter Communications what are you waiting for?


I have verified from at least two Internet sources that  Charter Communications is a member of the NCTC. (see link below)   Does this mean Charter will carry the Pac 12 Network ??????? Will update as I get more info.

Keep in mind "The deal with the NCTC is a master agreement whereby NCTC's 900 cable operators and other providers can opt into the group's deal for the seven networks, including the regionals in Northern California (Stanford and Cal); Southern California (USC and UCLA); Oregon (Oregon State and Oregon); Washington (Washington State and Washington); Arizona (Arizona State and Arizona); and Mountain (Utah and Colorado) areas."

So the big question is will Charter Communications, member or not, "opt in" !!!!

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