Monday, July 23, 2012

DirecTV & Dish face next impasse: the Pac-12 network

Daniel Frankel of Paid Content, The Economics of Digital Content is pessimistic that the two satellite TV providers will come to a deal with the Pac 12 Networks. He writes tonight:

But carriers like DirecTV and Dish are more intent than ever these days about holding the line on ever-increasing program licensing costs, and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to make deal.
I hope he is wrong. Charter Communication customers need an alternative if Charter refuses to come to a deal.

 Here is a link to read the rest:

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  1. It is a bummer that DirecTV still hasn’t picked up Pac-12 yet. There is to much good football to miss that, although I can see where DirecTV would be skeptical about adding another network. Their price increase in February will already be a bit higher than usual, add Pac-12 onto that and the customer might go nuts. I was worried Dish wouldn’t either; it was looking like the Pac-12 season would be missed by me as well. When I was getting ready to leave from my shift on Friday night from Dish I saw the communication saying the deal had been reached saving my college football season. I enjoyed the game as I usually do, but it looks like my Buffs might have a tough year ahead of them, especially looking at the fourth quarter. At least I got to watch the game which is more than some people.