Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Too Late Charter!

Today I signed up for the Dish Network.  They will install it on Wednesday and I will give a full report here on  the installation.

I have had Cable TV in Medford, Oregon for the last 40 years!  When I first came to Medford the cable system called, Southern Oregon Cable, was owned by the local Smullin family that also owned a Medford TV station.  The FCC required a divestiture and the cable system was sold to McCaw, followed by sales in no particular order to Cooke Cablevision, TCI, Falcon and finally Charter Communications. Now after 40 years with the same cable system  it's time to move on because of Charter's refusal to carry the Pac 12 Networks.

If I can get a reasonable price I will try and keep Charter's telephone and Internet but no longer their TV.

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